Rhetorical Analysis Of Perseverance Through The Storm

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Perseverance Through the Storm

James G. Mackay tells readers of The New York Times about his experience during Hurricane Harvey, in order to praise the resiliency of humanity throughout the storm. By implementing his first-hand accounts of heart wrenching and uplifting stories from Harvey, Mackay is able to convince his audience that the devastation has propelled the affected community into a period of selfless cooperation between strangers and neighbors.
Mackay establishes credibility by detailing his direct accounts of Harvey’s disastrous effects in Rockport, Texas and other areas all around Texas and Louisiana. Beginning in the first paragraph and throughout the remainder of the article, Mackay uses the pronoun “I” when introducing segments
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Mackay reminds the reader of his past and present connections with the devastation from Harvey …show more content…
For example, in response to volunteer inquiries about supplies needed, “we requested a couple of chainsaws to help clear trees from vital roadways. The next day we had 14 brand new saws, complete with extra chains, fuel and oil, and three days after that we had upward of 30.” What one shall ask for, one shall receive seems to be the theme of Rockport now. All the responders had to do was simply state their needs and in no time at all they were taken care of. The specific example of instances where the community helped, without hopes for anything in return, supports Mackay’s analysis of the community pushing for the welfare of all in this tragedy. Another instance of citizens aiming to help others is when Mackay addresses stealing. He states, “looters? Too few to even acknowledge, and those that were foolish enough to try and prey on the victims of Harvey were chased off or arrested” in order to illustrate the blanket of protection that now drapes the town. If someone tried to steal from Harvey victims, they were arrested and therefore robberies were almost unheard of in Rockport. The rhetorical question implemented shows the reader’s question of robberies as unheard of or crazy in the eyes of author due to the bond citizens share. The manipulation of cause and effect allows the reader to see specific examples of the good that came from the hurricane, rather

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