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As Julie Andrew says, “Perseverance is failing 19th times and succeeding to 20th time.” Perseverance steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. My family shows a bunch of perseverance. Today I will be talking about my mom’s side of the family. This paper is about about my mom, my grandfather,my great-grandfather, and myself.
My great-grandfather, whose name is Uno, or Pop as family members called him. He had 2 sisters and 3 brothers. Uno married Singe, but she goes by Helen. Uno had to have perseverance when he tried to go to America. After the war he wanted to go to America, but he didn’t have a passport. Uno went to his neighbor’s house and asked him, “We are the same height. We weigh about the same
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That you should just give up. You shouldn’t listen to them that is what my mom did. My mom’s name is Kendra. She was born in BingHamton, New York 1974 on February 14. She has two brothers a younger and an older one the older one is Paul and the younger one is Joel. She grew up in Tucson Arizona and for elementary school at Coller. And form middle school she went to Magee. For High School she went to Sabino. She went to college at Liberty University. We both share perseverance we don’t give up because we have gone though a great deal of actions in our past. My mother persevere through her soccer career. She played in middle school, high school, and college. She was intimidated by her high school teammates because they were really good, so after practice she practiced harder, so she could play with. Her high school coach remarked to her “That she would never play in college that she should just quit soccer.” That just made her practice harder. She applied to Liberty for soccer and she was accepted to Liberty. Then the coach at Liberty stated “That she shouldn’t tryout that she should just give up.” She didn’t listen to them either. She tried out and she made it and she was a starter. 4 years later her high school coach called her and told her “That she was sorry for treating her so

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