Perseus Quest Analysis

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Title of Story: Perseus’ Quest
Strength: It is a clear and concise title, easy to understand and comprehend what the game will be about.
Weakness: It might not invite the player’s curiosity at first.
Enhancement: The title could be, instead of Perseus’ Quest, something that triggers curiosity and calls the attention, such as Perseus’ Odyssey or Medusas’ Huntsman. Genre: The genre is missing/not on the document
Strength: N/A.
Weakness: N/A.
Enhancement: I assume that it would be action/adventure with some puzzles in between the quests, in order to keep on moving on the storyline. Theme: Perseverance
Strength: It is one of the hardest things to learn and be able to endure in anyone’s life; and this as a theme suits perfectly with the story
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More information about the journey that Perseus has to go through and the events that get in between, will be of great help to understand the story in more depth. Something that also shows Perseus personality and inner conflict could also be of advantage. Characters:
Name: Perseus.
Strength: His goal is clear and may show a lot of bravery and toughness in his own personality. Perseus would be considered of a “low category” due to his occupation, which is a fisherman – however, his condition of being a demi-god and the fact that now later on he has an important task to accomplish, shows that anyone is capable of have a noble life and achieve significant goals.
Weakness: There is no physical characteristics described on the document. In his personality, although being positive and having a clear mind of moving forwards; there must be some inner conflict or outside conflict with his own relationships.
Enhancement: He is a demi-god and has been working as a fisherman until then. How wasn’t he be able to realize he was a demi-god? Why didn’t his father told him what happened to his mother? Shouldn’t he demand something in exchange for being a demi-god and have to save the princess and the city? He has to present more conflict and have a contradicting
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Some kind of “stamina goal” could be set before battling Medusa. As a mini boss, Cetus, the sea monster creature that guards Andromeda, could be added – or could be even defeated by Andromeda herself when Perseus is in danger of failing, and stamina would be still won from the confrontation. ‘Acquire more provisions to last until you reach the Gorgon lair’
Strength: Another element that challenges the player to be alert of. It even can give the possibility of dying before accomplishing the hero’s quest and starting the level all over again.
Weakness: Maybe going back and forth from the point where the hero finds himself and the city Argos would become an obstacle.
Enhancement: Suggest another strategy that could help to overcome the challenge. Maybe he could get the help of Athena, the goddess that made him be aware of Medusa’s power. ‘Scavenge for scorpion venom to coat your weapons with, possibly, to weaken your future foe, Medusa’
Strength: It would impulse the player to kill scorpions in order to obtain the substance.
Weakness: The only way to get venom is through scorpions, maybe snakes could be added to the list – since Medusa has snakes as her

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