Persepolis Is A Book By Marjane Satrapi Essay example

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Persepolis is a book by Marjane Satrapi written about her own life as a young Iranian woman around and during the Islamic Revolution. Throughout this time period, women were forced to wear oppressive veils and very covering clothing to shield their bodies from the delicate men’s eyes. For a woman to wear shorts in that time period was almost the equivalent of someone walking around naked today. They would be beaten, arrested, and even killed for rebelling against Islam. However, women with feminist views in this time did not passively accept their society’s rules for how they should dress, act, and think. Alternatively, they found ways to rebel, some ways quietly and others loudly.
Clothing protestation was seemingly the most common form of rebellion against the government. Some yell out loudly and openly in protest while many others tweak what they wear so it shows their disapproval. Being loud about one’s rebellion will certainly get the feminist point of view of the veil through to people. Towards the beginning of Persepolis, Marjane narrates, “Then came 1980: the year it became obligatory to wear the veil at school” (3). The children are so young that they are unable to understand the reason that they are being forced to wear a veil over their hair. The children wind up flinging the veils around, taking each others’ veils, and doing a variety of other childlike activities because they are, in fact, children. They do not know what to protest or even how to…

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