Persuasive Essay On Religious Persecution

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Many options exist to deal with persecution because of your faith. For example, defecting where you live is an option or renouncing your faith is another. Muslims are not the only ones as religious targets. Christianity is being persecuted in the Middle East because of the conflicts against the Islamic faith. People should have a right to the freedom of religion and not be persecuted for their beliefs. As persecution of Muslims and Christians in this world is accumulating, many of them are staying strong in their faith, not backing down, and relying on each other more than ever.
Islam is the quickest growing religion in the world, but that doesn’t Muslims aren’t being persecuted. This has especially expanded in the United States because of ISIS. ISIS considers themselves to be of the Islamic faith, which is why a great deal of Muslims in America are getting currently prejudiced against. Many Americans have come to the point where they despise and are against any Muslims in our country because of the fear that one of them is a terrorist. However, this is completely unwarranted to those Muslims that are just typical Americans, but have Islamic faith. Two different Muslims exist: the Sunnis and Shiites. Sunnis, who make up 80% of the Muslims, believed that Abu Bakr, the
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Muslims, Christians, and believers of other faiths shouldn’t be persecuted for what their values are; it is their right to entrust in their faith. If they really trust in what they believe, then renouncing their faith is not an option, but maybe finding a safe place to practice their religion is. Don’t be afraid to show your faith and what you believe in, because if you don’t then you are only persecuting yourself. Finally, all religious groups have to cope with the fact that other groups may hate them, but by clinging to their beliefs they need to stay firm in their religion and not back

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