Perry 's Schemes Of Intellectual And Ethical Development : A Personal Journey

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Perry’s Schemes of Intellectual and Ethical Development: A Personal Journey Perry’s Schemes of Intellectual and Ethical Development explains that college student’s journey through 9 different positions in regards to intellectual and ethical development. In this essay, I will work to discover my own moments of intellectual development as an undergraduate student, to find the moments I was “really learning”. (Perry, 1978) Working through Perry’s schemes I will access my own learning entering college with a dualistic perspective of learning and graduating with commitment in relativism.
To properly begin looking at Perry’s positions of intellectual development, I believe it is important to first consider the preparation process prior to entering the college setting. As a senior in high school, I was positioned within Dualism in position 2 at multiplicity prelegitimate. As a high school student, I only saw the adults in my life such as my parents, my teachers and my pastor as authority figures with the correct knowledge. At this point in my life whatever these authority figures stated I would generally believe based on their qualifications and expertise in areas that I believed I had no knowledge or authority to make decisions in. While applying and preparing to enter college I knew I was capable of completing and choosing a college on my own accord since I would be the one living and going to school there. However, when it came to FAFSA, the housing…

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