Permissive Parenting Essay

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Register to read the introduction… This is in the exact opposition with the authoritarian style. In this situation, the child is in control. There are no boundaries or rules set by the parent. There is no such thing as punishment with this category. This usually results in the child not knowing the difference between right and wrong and good or bad. The child will come and go as he or she please, and most of the time the child will be spoiled. Parents using this type of method want their child to be free minded and learn themselves without being told. Much love is shown or should one say too much love is shown in such parenting. In most cases there is no respect for the parent or guardian, but the parent doesn't want or need it either. Parents using this method have trouble saying no and putting there foot down. They are too lenient. Children raised in such environment are not goal oriented or visionaries. Children being raised in such homes are likely to achieve no or little college education. Parents who this method were either raised in a strict home or don’t want to be the bad guys but rather want to have a friend like relationship. One can distinguish that a parent is a permissive parent because they themselves are not bold and out going towards their own life. his type of method is common in countries such as America, Canada, Sweden, and many other European …show more content…
My parents I say would fall under the democratic style. Growing up I remember being punished but I was always told why and was respected no matter what my age was. My parents set up rules that we followed but willingly. The reason for them parenting me in a democratic way is because they themselves were raised in homes with the same ideals and principals. My mom belongs to a family of six including her parents. So getting the proper care for each child was necessary and it was given. My mom talks about when she was punished she was asked what she did wrong and understood why. My father was the only son with two younger sisters. He says that his parents were too hard on him but for the right reasons. I think this does not fall in the authoritarian method because there was a balance, he was not always given too much leeway but his father still was loving and trusted his some. Both my mom and dad come from a middle class family and I too belong to a middle class family. I believe if there is no communication and trust there is no relationship. I am proud to say that my parents and I have that type of relationship. I know my parents are not too demanding or linient, but they have a sence of balance. I am not allowed full freedom but when it is neccary it is given to me. I think my siblings would agree as well that my parents would fall in this category. I respect my parents very dearly and I

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