Peripheral Iv Therapy Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… Systematic literature review was conducted on the published studies describing asepsis principles involved in the preparation, management and administration of peripheral IV in the clinical setting from the year 2005 to 2012 January (Bofah et al, 2012). The findings from the 1135 publications suggested that the healthcare professionals should consider the patients always as being susceptible. Additionally, practices of standardizations will help in a reduction of infection risk. Lastly, all healthcare professionals must be educated to ensure procedures and practices are consistent and are adhered to with the day-to-day practices (Bofah et al, …show more content…
There are much evidence supporting current nursing practice on different techniques of IV insertion including aseptic technique. Moreover, guidelines have been provided by a collection of all relevant heath professional and organizations. In addition, the current nursing practice is the best since it is widely used, it is supported by many different researches, and it is standardized. Meaning all healthcare professionals have a standard procedure of practicing as elaborated in the guidelines agreed by all professionals and healthcare …show more content…
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