Perimeter Defenses Paper

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IS411 Network Security
Perimeter Defenses * What is the OSI model and why is it important in understanding networking?
The OSI model is an internationally accepted networking model that describes and illustrates how networked devices communicate. The model describes how data is packaged for transmission and how it is handled on the reception side. The model is composed of seven layers the seven layers being; the physical layer, the data link layer, the network layer, transport layer, session layer, presentation layer, and the application layer. (Ciampa, 2012 pgs207-212)
Each layer in the OSI model has a specific function and has protocols and applications that run in those layers. For instance; the physical layer, layer 1 encodes
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(Ciampa, 2012 pgs228-231)
Another advantage of subnetting is security, by having many smaller networks it is possible to better manage possible security breaches. The smaller discrete networks having fewer hosts allows the network administrator and infoSec to be better able to isolate (who), track down (find source), contain (prevent further contagion), mitigate (minimize or negate damage), and resolve (return network to pre- incident condition) data intrusion or incidents. (Ciampa, 2012 pgs228-231)
Aside from the security aspect of subnetting, an additional advantage is that by having several networks with fewer hosts it is much easier to manage policies, permissions, and access to resources of those hosts in any particular network, as these discrete networks can be managed as groups or departments with similar needs and duties. (Ciampa, 2012 pgs228-231) * What are the major differences between TCP and UDP?
The major differences between TCP and UDP are that UDP as a means of data transfer that is very fast, but is not checked for accuracy. In UDP the data is just sent which allows for that faster data transmission rate. In TCP data is sent and receipt and accuracy is acknowledged by the receiving party. In TCP if

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