Perils Of Social Networking Sections IIi, Iv, And V. Theodore Roosevelt Declared

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Perils of Social Networking Sections III, IV, and V Theodore Roosevelt declared, "Comparison is the thief of joy" (Militaryquotes, 2016). By passively looking at friends’ splendidly sophisticated lives on social networking services, individuals begin to study other’s online highlights. These highlights compared to the personal blooper memories rewound in their own heads can lead to self-loathing. Referencing social networking, Michael J. Bugeja, a professor of communications at Iowa State University of Science and Technology notes “Rather than opening us up to a global community, it is putting us into groups,” (Dailey, 2013, p.220). Overall, this can make an individual end up feeling unexciting, anxious, and the Fear of Missing Out will take hold. The best solution for the next plan of action is to institute JOMO, or Joy of Missing Out. The term JOMO is a counterattack for people who long for a time before social networking came about. Excluding social networking will help people to shut out the world for a sustained length of time and end their online hyperactivity. When people shift from a mindset of comparison to one of fundamental acceptance, people can banish FOMO, open their eyes to the grace that exists all around them, and acknowledge the good fortune one has to be living, thriving, and clever. Life is about deeds as well as mindset, so individuals must set mindful technology limits to unplug from their online social accounts, release the fear, and embrace the JOMO.…

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