Essay on Perfume : The Unpredictable Story Of A Murderer

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Perfume: The Unpredictable Story of a Murderer Have you ever watched a movie that left you stunned or make you wonders why such a character’s behavior occurred? In a world where judgments are always placed on anyone who tends to be evil/doing things unjust, Perfume is a story that depicts Jean – Baptiste Grenouille (Ben Whishaw), a young man in 18th century France with a super human sense of smell but with no personal odor – scent of his own. The attitude and moods of this anti-hero was extremely different from an ordinary human being. He was classified as an orphanage that was abandoned by his mother to be left dead. The location of his birth was a little remote crowded village in France where his mother sells Fish to customers. Although his other five siblings were also given birth at the same place but the mother never stay long enough to see her child before she was executed through hanging due to how she always neglect and abandoned her children whenever she gives birth. At age five, Jean was unable to talk but was born with a talent that made him unique among all mankind. Jean – Baptiste Grenouille was small, ugly, with a crippled foot. He grew up in such a way that no one cares for him. Not that everyone hates him or dislikes who he is, but anyone that came closer to him saw something different and special about him. He is very sensitive and gifted that his sense of smell can be reached from a very far distance. He sees himself to be different out from the norm of…

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