Performance Assignment Analysis

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The performance assignment was quite an intriguing experience where each individual had a chance to explore their creative side and allowed them to step out of their comfort zone in creating an imaginary landscape.Each piece that was showcased had a unique aura to it. However, for me one piece stood out the most was the illusion one. (abbey’s team)

The essay aims to analyze the piece and It will look at the viewpoints and composition used by the group to create this piece. It will also discuss the uniqueness of the piece and what made it stand out the most from other pieces.

“Sit on the floor, in three straight rows. If you wish to get the full experience of the performance” Said one of the group members as they addressed the audience.
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The use of tempo in their movement from the very start to the end of the performance varied. The pace of the performer’s movement kept shifting from slow to fast, moments where I would expect them to move fast they would slow down and by mixing viewpoints such as repetition, duration,gesture and shape they managed to create this bizarre yet beautiful piece which kept me quite intrigued as it managed to elicit a surreal feeling, nostalgia, excitement, and mystery. The fact that the piece managed to elicit all these feeling for me, it stood out the most from any of the performances and pieces I’ve seen so far in this class. It’s uniqueness was further enhanced by the live music that was juxtaposed with the performance. The live music added this aura of futuristic-dystopian-game to the performance, which I think mashed well with performance as a whole. An example of this was at the very start of the performance, when the performers started walking, their movement was stiff and with the live music in the background, it helped me imagine that the performers are robots or are from the future. Another memorable moment from the performance was when the performers broke the illusion that they had created, they stood behind the vertical tables with their arms horizontally waving out as they synchronized their movement. At that moment, I realized the movement they are using is a sort of a gesture for hypnotizing and the performers are trying to tell us that this is just an illusion. Furthermore, if the performers had more time and resources available, I believe they could do so much more with this performance. For example using spotlights in their performance would enhance this play on illusion and deception of the

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