Performance of Banking Industry in India Essays

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Term paper
A comparison of financial performance in the Banking sector- some evidence from bank Nifty.

Under the guidance of
Mr. K. S. Venkateswara Kumar
Asst. professor
Ch. H. S. Pavan Kumar
MBA – IV th sem
K L University

Abstract: The research paper analyzes the performance of the selected banks on the basis of the productivity and the profitability that are reflected in the stock prices. There are several dimensions through which an analysis can be done for a stable investment. The fundamental analysis and the technical analysis are the tools used in investment decisions. The fundamental analysis discusses about the industry analysis that gives the financial health of the companies, and the
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The relationship among the banks can be identified using certain measurement criteria which include Bank’s Size, Operational Efficiency, Asset management, ROA, incomes on interests, etc… The policymakers, stakeholders, and researchers would be interested in knowing the effect of such a dilution on performance and efficiency of the banks that were partially and/or fully privatized. The share of advances in the priority sector increased substantially after nationalization. The technology has many implications in the performance of the banks. The higher the cadre of technology used, the higher be the services offered to their customers. The competition is prevailing more in the current scenario which made the moderate performing banks perform better. The transformation of banks from the ages revealed the revolutionary movements between the banks. The updated information and services made the banks perform better and remain competitive advantage. The public sector banks and the private sector banks both are competing one another in order to perform well one among them. The capital restructuring and the financial re-engineering remain the competitive environment among the banks. The e-banking era made the ITES development in the banking industry which is treated as main component in the performance of the banks. The faster the services offered to the customers the better the performance of the banks.

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