Essay on Performance Management Plan

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Performance Management Plan
Bradley Stonefield is starting a limousine service, doing business as Landslide Limousine Service, located in Austin, Texas. One of the first steps in starting a successful organization is to have a performance management plan. The performance management plan should cover four key components; managers should provide the chauffeurs constructive performance feedback, chauffeurs ability levels, the process which ability is measured, and a plan for improving in areas that chauffeurs may not be meeting Landslide Limousine’s standards.
The performance plan will be a guideline to help ensure Landslide Limousines success. While the excellent customer service provided by Landslide will warrant
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For Landslide to be a success, it must first identify the job duties and any talents required to get the job completed before hiring or promoting staff (Cascio, 2010).
Bradley Stonefield hired Atwood and Allen to complete a job analysis of required employee skills that are needed to complete the position skills required of his company. The study will observe experienced people in the limousine service industry. The individual performing the observation will take note of everything the experienced chauffeurs are doing while working. Everything that position requires will be noted by the observer. This study will be completed without interrupting the chauffeurs (Cascio, 2010). To conduct this study Atwood and Allen will be contacting Landslide’s competitors for interviews with their mangers and pose as a performance management improvement consultant. Furthermore, Atwood will seek permission from the managers to ride with some of the chauffeurs as they provide transportation for customers conducting further observation. The study will generate reports from the noted observation detailing behaviors of the effective and ineffective chauffeurs (Cascio, 2010).
For Landslide Limousine to compete with its competitors in the transportation service industry, it would be advisable to follow its vision of providing a level of customer service

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