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Landslide Limousines' Performance Management Plan
Maggie LaPoint
April 4, 2014
Pamela Jones
Landslide Limousines' Performance Management Plan
Landslide Limousines will be an organization based on customer satisfaction! The customer’s perception and experience with the organization and their employees is what will drive repeat business and good word of mouth. According to Cascio (2013), “if a company’s strategy is to provide high-quality customer service, it is likely to emphasize, for example, training in problem solving, conflict resolution, negotiation, and team building.” The prior mentioned will be the aim for Landslide Limousines 25 employees. The performance management plan will start in the hiring process and continue
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Drivers will also need to keep a log of stops and the times those stops were made. Being prompt for a customer will be a learned skill, especially for drivers who are not familiar with the area. Once a month employees will be shadowed for the day. This process will be subjective measurement. The facilitator will shadow the employee for a day to measure customer interaction, proper use of time throughout the day, and whether or not the driver is following proper organization procedures and all driving laws. If there are any gaps in performance in any area, it will be addressed immediately.
Addressing Skill Gaps & Feedback An employee cannot be expected to reach performance goals if skill gaps are not addressed. To address these short comings Landslide Limousines will administer a feedback session, immediately following the day of shadowing. At this time employees will be provided constructive feedback. Customer service skill gaps will be addressed with role playing during the coaching sessions. If the downfall is in adhering to driving laws, the employee will be required to take in-house training with a veteran driver and then required to take and pass a written test, specific to the driving requirements that were not met. On the other hand if the skill lacking is in organizational process the employee will be required to take a refresher training to acquire the knowledge of those processes and be given the opportunity to practice.

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