Performance Management Plan Essay

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Week 4: Performance Management Plan

Abstract Performance management is an essential tool for a company. It creates the opportunity for the individual success of all its employees, and therefore the longevity of the company to prosper. Performance management creates a point of reference for the employee to see where they stand performance wise, and gives the employees the insight to see where they can strengthen their productivity. The following paper will highlight and demonstrate the potential and importance of performance management. Furthermore, the paper will contain a job analysis process that will further identify the skills needed by employees, methods used for measuring those skills,
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The goals and targets then become an action plan for the employee with steps and stepping stones that will help the employee to meet the goals and expectations set forth- a time frame is given to work on the new action plan – when the timeframe is up the manager can then measure the employees performance.
Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scales (BARS): According to the book written by W.F. Casio, Managing Human Resources: Productivity, Quality of Life, Profits, Behavior-oriented rating methods focus on employee behaviors, by comparing the performance of employees to others behaviors include: Narrative essay, ranking, paired comparisons, forced distribution, behavioral checklist, and graphic rating scales.
Results-oriented rating methods: Results-oriented rating methods are an alternative to traditional judgmental and absolute standards approach (which will not be focused on in this paper) and the focus is on what the employee is supposed to accomplish instead of the traits and behaviors the employee has. In other words, the only thing that matters is for lack of a better word, results the employee is producing. Management by objective is an example of a results-oriented rating method.
Effective Performance Feedback The most effective form of performance feedback is one that is given on a day by day and case by case basis. Clapton Commercial Construction, first level supervisors, and managers need to

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