Performance Management: Company Mission, Vision And Strategy

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2-Company Mission, Vision and Strategy

Our Mission “Looking after our customers providing a comprehensive health service with highest quality as well as our respects for the professionalism of our staff.’’

Company Vision
Provide health services, to more people each year, to maintain the best quality, technology and sustainability, with humanity and ethic.

Our strategy is funded on a program growth to serve the patient with respect and care. One of the main stones is our team and a leadership focused in think big to make a healthy community.
This 12 month plan will be divided in stages and each stage in phases.

3-Key Strategic HR Issues

Vision & Mission in all our staff
It is focused in to be sustainable.
The resources in all over the world
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4.1-The performance management - based in Madu & Kuei. (2012).

Phase 1: Building benchmarks in performance management.
It is well known that different cultures have different ways of communications and behaviour; however the globalization is changing those walls.
One of the strategies that SMG will implement is first of all the measurement of the performance in the team from Sydney and Argentina, as inter-organizational process.
The SMG human resources team will make a previous research of the benchmarks that are in the competence, based in best practices, and then it will be compare with the SMG benchmarks.
This strategy is to implement the new performance management benchmark in Sydney. This inter-organizational measure and developing of benchmarks will ensure that the improvement targets are based on what has been achieved.
Phases 2 : to develop key performance management structures measuring,
-The strategy, implemented to measure the performance
-The tactics, developed in the performance

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