Performance Management At Gc3 Management Essay examples

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Performance Management at GC3 Currently, the GC3 performance management method is not engaging the employees nor is it producing lower turnover rates. GC3 needs to focus more on how to energize the employee 's performance rather than focusing on what did not work in the past. Performance management is a process that involves the employees as a team and as individuals by improving the effectiveness of the business and accomplishing the mission, vision, and the goals of the brand. The importance of the performance management system for the company is to assist in eliminating the current challenges for the organization in retention, engagement, culture, leadership pipeline, and employee learning. GC3 should structure their performance management based on a six-tier process concentrating on planning, monitoring, developing, rating, rewarding, and managing performance effectively (, n.d.).
Recommendation for the Performance Management Plan of GC3 An effective performance management cycle involves five processes of planning, monitoring, developing, rating, and rewarding. Each process is continuous and identifies, measures, as well as, improves the performance of each employee. They also align the performance of employees with the strategic goals of the organization (Aguinis, 2013). Planning involves setting performance expectations and goals, while monitoring includes consistently measuring performance and providing ongoing feedback. Developing involves increasing the…

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