Performance Management and Diversity Essay

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Department of Energy and Climate Change

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy: Delivery Action Plan and Impact Indicators
June 2012 – June 2015

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Actions and change are needed to achieve the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy – its vision, objective and four aims. A summary of the key milestones in the action plan is set out in Figure 1. A summary of the indicators that will be used to track DECC’s progress in improving equality, diversity and inclusion are set out in Figure 2. The action plan and
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ion into engagement with customers & stakeholders Better equip DECC staff to build results of insight into the different needs of groups in society into policy & communications

• •

Introduce training to equip leaders, managers and all staff with the skills needed to embed equality, diversity & inclusion into the work they do & the way they work (Phase 1) Continue building an accessible working environment Ensure information & support on equality, diversity & inclusion is available to all staff including specific support on disability

Aim 4: Increase the diversity of our staff at all levels, improving the ability of all staff to reach their potential and building equality into how we promote & manage staff performance • Review recruitment to ensure it promotes equality, diversity & inclusion • Review the performance management system and process, ensuring it does not disadvantage any group in DECC & helps to promote inclusive skills and behaviours

Review external communications to • ensure they consider the needs and interests of different groups in society • •

Year 2

Strengthen the theme of ‘people’ – our staff and customers in the DECC mission & values

• •

Year 3

Review the impact and • communication of policies on different groups in society Review partners & suppliers supporting role in meeting the needs & interests of different groups in society Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Culture Review

• Introduce internal communications programme to raise

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