Performance, Leadership And Conflict Are The Organizational Dimensions

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Performance, leadership and conflict are the organizational dimensions I’m using to determine which personality types match the best with different organizational cultures. Individuals who score high on the extraversion dimension of the Big Five Model usually perform well in jobs with high interpersonal interaction and work well in groups. They tend to take charge and emerge as leaders of groups. Extraverts are good fits in a team-oriented organization with activities centered around teams instead of individuals (Robbins & Judge, 2014). I scored low on extraversion which doesn’t surprise me. I am an introvert and am quiet, reserved and like spending time alone. Although I am not an assertive person, I have been in a leadership position before and performed well. I also scored above average on neuroticism, and research shows neurotics place a high importance on hygiene factors (Furnham, Eracleous, & Chamorro-Premuzic, 2009). I do get upset if company policies, supervision and salary are not fair. I also tend to be an anxious and nervous person in general, but hide it well at work. My job has always been stressful and even an anxious person can adapt over time, but this class has shown me how it affects job satisfaction and motivation. Individuals who scored high on openness to experience are creative in science and art and tend to be good leaders because creativity is an important part of leadership. They are comfortable in uncertain situations which is common in…

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