Essay on Performance Indicators And Customer Satisfaction

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Literature Review

Agarwal, S., Singh, D. .., & Thakur, K. S. (2013). PERFORMANCE INDICATORS AND CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO SELECTED CALL CENTERS OF INDIA. International Journal of Arts and Commerce, 2(2). Retrieved from

Mr. Sumit Agarwal is a research scholar at the Institute of Commerce and Management at Jiwaji University, Dr. Deepak Singh is faulty member and lastly, Dr. K S Thakur is a Professor and Dean at the same university. Agarwal, Singh and Thakur states that call centers can be considered one of the fastest growing industries in the world, also, to be considered the key channel of communication with customers (2013). Call centers offer a variety of services which include customer support, administrative support, financial services and customer relationship management just to name a few. Although, call centers are trying to fulfill customer needs and improve customer interaction, they have fallen short when making a balance between quality and efficiency, while trying to achieve companies objectives. As a result, their customer satisfaction and delivery of service was partially neglected. Their research was focused on the key performance indicators that drive management practices in Indian call centers and also to investigate the relationship between various measures that were used in providing customer satisfaction. Based on previous works studied and their study they…

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