Performance Enhancing Drugs Should Be Legalized Essay

1025 Words Nov 6th, 2016 5 Pages
Performance enhancing drugs have become of such prevalence in todays professional athletics that the media is constantly accusing athletes of using banned substances to improve upon athletic ability. Doping in sports isn’t just starting, this is something that has become of relevance since 776 BC, in the first Olympic games that was held when the ancient Greek’s were using their drug of choice to provide an alternative advantage over the competition (, 2013). For some reason, even though PEDs are banned this does not stop athletes from using them. If this doesn’t stop athletes from using these drugs, then why do we have such strict enforcement towards following these policies? In athletics today, what would be the point of watching if there was no excitement involved? One way to make sure that will never happen is the legalization of PEDs. Many believe that doping in sports should be legalized due to the opportunity to generate large amounts of revenue and to make the process easier for the sports team affiliated with the use of enhancing drugs. In todays sports, it isn’t surprising that PEDs have yet to be legalized due to the possible effects in which these drugs could have on the body. Regardless of the sport being played, the athlete is always taking a risk entering the field whether it is baseball or football. For athletes such as football players, these athletes are taking hits that could critically injured some individuals and most of them have been playing…

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