Performance Enhancing Drugs Should Be Banned Essay

2223 Words Nov 27th, 2016 9 Pages
Since the beginning of sports competition, athletes have always wanted to get a better edge over their competitors and will do anything necessary to do so. They go as far as to injecting themselves with drugs and taking supplements to make them bigger, faster, and stronger. A method otherwise known as doping; a process in which athletes use prohibited drugs or training methods to surpass their competitors. These athletes; steaming from all sports, have been misusing these drugs, not wanting to spend the crucial time and effort others are willing to do. They desire a quick and easy route to these achievements through the use of the said drugs. These substances; better known as performance enhancing drugs, are widely used in sports, the most common and widely known being steroids. Using these drugs have changed the public’s view on sports, making them question the authenticity and honesty of each and every athlete displaying extraordinary abilities. Highly educated people; ranking from college professors down to common sports fans, argue that these drugs should have higher restrictive policies as they undermine the integrity of the sport, threaten the health of the athletes, and result in adverse public relations that threaten the very being of sports. However, do performance enhancing drugs cause that much of a harm to the athlete, or let alone damage the sport? The thought of legalizing these drugs has been surfacing in recent years, but the controversy remains, should they?…

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