Performance Enhancing Drugs And Drugs Essays

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Performance Enhancing Drugs. One of the most popular topics in all of sports, particularly baseball. It’s been around the game for the past few decades, and possibly even before that. When you think of Performance Enhancing Drugs, or PED’s for short, you think of a drug that are considered illegal, narcotic, or even dangerous, depending on how much you use. This stuff is no joke. These drugs are also considered an abusive substance, meaning you can do more harm to other people, other than just your body. It’s scary just to even think about it. Some of these substances can include dietary supplements, prescription medications, and illicit drugs. It’s intended to provide a generalized endorsement to eliminate the use of drugs, especially among athletes today. Some of the most famous baseball players in our era, or even in past years, have been caught using PED’s, i.e. Alex Rodriguez, Roger Clemens, and even Mark McGwire. All three of these players considered one of the most popular athletes that were caught using PED’s while playing professional baseball player. But the real question is, what kind of PED’s are there? Each type of these PED’s are used to “boost their performance” while playing baseball, i.e. hitting the ball farther, throw the ball harder, and run faster. Some of the most popular PED’s athletes use today are as followed: Stimulants, Narcotic Analgesics, Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids, Peptide Hormones, Beta-2 Agonists, as well as others. These…

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