Performance Appraisal Of A Productive Workforce Essay

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Performance appraisal is a method employed by organizations to evaluate the performance of employees. It is considered to be part of employee development, as it enables the management team to ascertain the skills of the workers. The management team should ensure that it uses an effective method, which will motivate employees rather demoralizing theme. It should be a method that will make employees look forward to it, instead of resenting it. It has a lot of advantages to both employees and the organization. However, these benefits can only be realized through efficient appraisal method, which will ensure employee participation (Grote, 1996).
Effective use of performance appraisal can enable an organization achieve its strategic objectives. One of the ways through which the appraisal can be helpful to the organization is through boosting the morale of organization members. Morale is a very important aspect in the creation of a productive workforce. Through the appraisal, the management team will work with the employees in identifying their weaknesses, thus trying to come up with ways of combating them. This makes these employees develop a good feeling towards the company, thus striving hard to ensure that the company achieves its goals.
Managing by objectives (MBO) is explained by Cascio (2011), as the process which encompasses goal setting to establish objectives to manage by and is the method used at the Toyota Company. This system assumes employees are all performing well…

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