Performance Appraisal Notes Essay

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A. Explain the benefits of performance appraisal systems within an organization in which you address the following:
A1. Present the optimal results of a well prepared and well-delivered performance appraisal.
*If the company establishes a well prepared and well delivered performance appraisal, what are the best results the company can expect? (employee prospective and company perspective are good here)
Performance appraisals are a tool that most companies use when assessing their employees. A well prepared and well delivered performance appraisal can be beneficial to both the employee and the company. The company benefits in many different ways when they deliver this type of performance appraisal. The performance appraisal process
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The employee will have questions ready to ask their managers, which will in turn make for a more rewarding appraisal. The employee’s review of themselves will also let the manager know where the employee sees himself performing. This could in turn get the manager ready for an employee that felt he was above expectations on everything, but in reality the manager seen the total opposite. This will allow for the manager to prepare himself with the necessary responses for the possible situations or questions. It is also important for the manager to have all the documentation that supports his thought or decisions. A copy of the previous appraisal will also allow for the manager to show what strengths and weaknesses the employee may have had in reaching previous goals. The manager will have more backing and a proper paper documentation basis for all decisions. A well prepared appraisal will lead to a happier and a more beneficial meeting between the two parties.

A3. Recommend post-appraisal activities that ensure there are performance appraisal processes that are beneficial to the employee and the company.
*What happens after the appraisal? Activities that occur just after the performance review (meeting) up through 364 days after.
The appraisal is has now been concluded and it is time to make sure that it remains beneficial. It is important that the employee knows

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