Performance Appraisal As An Element Of Pm Essay

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Performance appraisal as an element of PM, it is also important. Appraisal is “a process that provides an analysis of a person’s overall capabilities & potential, allowing informed decisions to be made for particular purposes” (Gold 2007:284). In order to make performance management more effectively like improving motivation, managing career and setting goals, it is necessary to take some actions. From external condition, for the sake of making performance management efficiently to improve organisational performance, there is a suitable way to choose a successful firm and then learn from it. By looking at the performance management system of these successful companies, we might gain better understanding about how to make the firm be more efficiency. There are five appraisal methods: Upward appraisal, Customer appraisal, Team-based appraisal, Competency-based appraisal and 360-degree appraisal (Redman, 2006). Upward appraisal is a kind of appraisal that subordinates could evaluate their manager 's leadership behaviours, manager could do some planning and setting goals in according to positive and negative feedback, this behaviour can help managers supervise an organization efficiently and can gain trust and respect from other employees. And some employees tend to flatter their managers, they will give feedback, which is not their real feelings, so for the sake of fairness, the best way is giving anonymous responses. However, there are someone had a prejudice against their…

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