Performance Appraisal Needs Modification

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The performance appraisal form used needs modification. It has an area for comments on why the person performing the rating scored the employee the way they did. What it is lacking is an area to write how to correct or improve areas the employee is having issues in. What steps can be done to make sure the employee improves in these areas is an important part of the performance appraisal. Also another thing missing is there is no place to set a date to assess progress towards the goals that were given. When is the employee going to be reviewed again? When is the employee going to meet with their supervisor to see if progress is being made towards these goals? Is an improvement plant warranted for this particular employee? There is no place to …show more content…
It is important that the person completing the performance appraisal sets objectives prior to the meeting. I also completed the assessment and gave feedback in regards to the employee’s annual performance. When completing the appraisal I reviewed documents such as attendance issues, and work performance and anything that was relevant to the appraisal. Normally the appraisals would be in my office one on one with the employee and that way we could interact with each other and have zero to minimal distractions or interruptions. If a performance improvement plan was warranted there were always two managers present. The second one served as a witness and could also make recommendations on how to improve areas that needed to be improved such as attendance or performance issues. We made sure to deliver the appraisal as clearly as possible and to allow the employee to respond. At the end of every performance appraisal we encouraged the employee to continue to excel in areas they were strong in and to make improvements in areas they were weak in or had issues in. We also encouraged them to participate in extra training and to ask questions at any time and would set dates to re evaluate and to make sure they were meeting their personal employment goals as well as the goals that were required to be met. These are all examples of Katz, six steps to successful performance appraisals (2001). The biggest issue at this job was attendance. Employees would call in sick a lot on pay day. It got to the point we had to implement that when an employee calls in sick, even if it is for just one shift that they had to provide a doctor’s note. This policy was implemented to discourage employees from calling in if they were not really sick as well as preventing us from being short staffed and to make sure the client’s were getting the best care possible as this was at a nursing home.

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