Perfect Pies And More By Michele Stuart Essay

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Perfect Pies &More by Michele Stuart Michele Stuart, also known as the “pie lady” is one of kind pastry chef and business owner of two Michele’s Pies Bakeries in Norwalk and Westport, Connecticut. In her book people will discover wonderful recipes of not only pies, but of tea breads, cookies, bars, and other sweet treats. Stuart’s book starts with different types of crusts & toppings, furthermore, I will discussing three desserts from her lovely book. In addition, I will also be explaining her flavor style and what inspire me the most. This is Stuart’s second book which was dedicated to her dad, who taught her everything about strength and dedication. Her first book is called Perfect Pies which only includes pies recipes. She is married with two sons, believe it or not while she was writing this book she was pregnant she was pregnant with her second son. While she needed to focus on her book, she had to take time away from her bakeries, so she could concentrate on writing her book. During that time she spent it at her ski condo in Vermont where she would be in the kitchen most of the time baking and reflecting, which would take her back to the sweetest memories with her family. Meanwhile, she talks about the cookies her mother used to bake and the pies her grandmother’s used to bake when she was a child. At the same time, while she would looked back into her childhood memories, she expresses her happiness on being able to share the traditions, she had with her family,…

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