Perfect Care: My Philosophy Of Complete Care

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Healthcare is made up of various interrelated components that work together to deliver essential care to people from different walks of life. One of the key players on the team are nurses, whose job it is to deliver basic human needs through kindness, and empathetic interpersonal relationships in which they must be responsible for any intentional actions, while advocating for a patient’s well-being ( Burhans, L. M. (2008). Not everyone has the necessary qualities needed to be a devoted nurse, even if they graduated top of their class and passed the state board exams, a unique caring ability has to be already instilled in them waiting to be displayed through bedside hospitality. Many nurses travel the world spreading their knowledge through …show more content…
In order for complete healing to occur, I believe that one must have a greater being that they look to for peace and guidance. My philosophy of complete care includes being true to oneself and maintaining high positive energy, which sometimes does not come from family and friends but during a spiritual connection with their God. To assists patients and their families to discover their own pathway to God, I will show them through actions that are influenced by care and love. Nurses have to find a way to keep the ‘whole’ holistic body, which includes spirit, from deteriorating more than what might be apparent at the current moment, and be open to the wonders a caring touch or motivational words can do. For the individuals who are not open to learning about a God, actions towards them should not change, but there is more focus on building confidence and self-esteem, which still produces positive energy. In addition, knowing about a person’s culture might include learning about their spiritual beliefs, such as with Christians, like me, who believe in God as the creator of the universe; I would leave a bible maybe by their bedside, pray with them, or just be an open ear to listen to their

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