Media And Body Image Essay

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Magazines, television, ads, wherever you look you may find images of tall, light skinned, skinny models that the media believes to represent the perfect body. What exactly is the ideal body? “Nice tits, sizeable butts, thin, cute.” This is what many women and teenagers try to achieve. They crave to be able to have that ideal body that the media says to be because many think that is the definition of beauty. These images of the perfect body affect teenagers and women in many aspects. The media should not only allow thin models to represent their ads, but also women of many different sizes.
Low self-esteem has become a common problem that women and teenagers face every year, or daily. While some learn to love and accept the way they are, others
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It is saying that women or teenagers who do not look like these models do not have the perfect body. It is showing the meaning that you must have the perfect body to be able to be beautiful. Women and teenagers that do not look like these models feel as if they are not beautiful and that they do not fit in. Jean stated “women feel shame and guilty when they fail”, referring to when they try to get ideal bodies like models. This ad makes you want to have that image to be able to feel satisfied with yourself. Many women and teenagers harm themselves just to fit in with the media’s definition of beauty. As Jean Kilbourne stated “being hot becomes the new way to success”, which pushes women and teenagers to try harder to get that ideal image. According to Jean’s statement “men are scared to speak up for women”, men prefer to judge like the rest of society instead of speaking up for women. Society and ads are obtaining the goals, which Jean stated, “cutting girls down on sizes.” Images like the ones on these ads, “stay with us and we process them” Jean said in one of her conferences. Even Jean states these ads are “more prone to eating disorder, and

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