Perceptions on Belonging Essay

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Perceptions of Belonging in our society

“We belong … like fish in water. We’re in our environment.” This quote from the New York Times shows the perception of belonging as the idea about connecting to a place, person, group or a community. 'Feliks Skrzynecki' by Peter Skrzynecki, 'I'm nobody! Who are you?' by Emily Dickinson and 'The Rabbits' by John Marsden & Shaun Tan show the concept of belonging as being contrasted towards the New York Times quote, showing the alienation and non-existent connection towards it. These texts have furthered my understanding on the perceptions of belonging by recognising the different concepts of connection to people, places and things.

The text “Feliks Skrzynecki” by Peter Skrzynecki
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The paintings in the book are that of surreal, showing the aspect of belonging through tone, colour, vectors and conceptual objects. The second double spread shows the vast landscape of Australia and the Numbats and the rabbits. The visual effect of the numbats expression shows that the rabbits don't belong in this natural land, but are intruding it in a self mannered way. We see that the concept of connecting to the land and people are very much vivid in the painting. “They didn't live in trees, like we did” entitles bewilderment, the numbats didn't understand or comprehend what was going on. The sentence also shows the belonging side of the Aboriginals, where the tribe all sticks together as they belong to one another. The rest of the book it shows the colour and tone subsiding into dark, unwelcoming colours which symbolise the rabbits and also shows the concept of belonging slowly subsiding to alienation and the feeling of not connecting. 'The Rabbits' shows different aspects of the perception of belonging by illustrating the idea of alienation, connection between people and the land, and the feeling of belonging to a family and a community.

All three texts have the same perception on belonging; the connection towards a place. In 'Feliks Skrzynecki' we see the connection in the third stanza “They reminisced/about farms where paddocks flowered/with

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