Perceptions And Cognitive Behavior Therapy

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The television show I will be discussing in this paper is Perception. The main character in this television show is a professor at the Chicago Lake Michigan University. The professor is an expert consultant and uses his mental illness to assist the FBI on some of their most complex cases. His mental illness enables the professor to pick up on subtle clues in solving these crimes. The FBI Agent that the main character consults for on these cases is a former student of the professors.
The main character, Daniel Pierce is a neuroscience professor with a M.D. and a PH.D. Pierce’s interest in neuroscience derives from his own long history of paranoid schizophrenia. With a keen perception into human behavior he uses subtle clues to help Kate Moretti, the FBI agent
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This is based on the premise that current beliefs and attitudes mediate much of the person’s affect and behavior Cognitive Behavior Therapy focuses on a review of the client’s core beliefs regarding self-worth, the ability to create changes in his or her life, and realistic short-and long term goals. If the client appears to be thinking “irrationally” in any of these core areas (i.e., drawing conclusions that are insufficiently based on external evidence), the social worker can work toward the client’s acquisition of more “rational” thinking. Clients are helped to (1) modify their assumptions about the self, the world, and the future; (2) improve coping responses to stressful events and life challenges; (3) relabel some psychotic experiences as symptoms rather than external reality; and (4) improve their social skills. Schizophrenia engage in psychotic thinking about some or many issues in their lives, some aspects of their thinking are either “rational” or amenable to change. As cited by Corcoran, Jacqueline; Walsh, Joseph M. 2014, (p.

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