Perception Essay

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Perception and Decision Making
Sharon P

The controller introduced the office to the new employee; I had a feeling that she would not last a month in her new position. She was confident about her skills but she seemed overwhelmed by how we function in the office. When meeting new people within an organization you begin to watch, listen and learn how they are going to function. Working in a big company just by word of mouth you get a feel of the people that are going to be around you on a daily basis. Making quick judgments or selective perception of people could possibly bring down the morale of an organization. You not only hinder the ability of all people to work together, but because you already have bad feelings toward a person
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Disappointment brings lack of moral and this could lead to other things failing within and organization.
The most detrimental perception in an organization is stereotyping. This is a factor that can bring down an company as fast as it was made. We all do this one perception no matter if it is in business or our personal life. That is why all companies have a ratio of what type of employees they need to hire. In an organization if we stereotype one race or ethical background of being more superior to another we can place that group of people in the outer circle. If we do not get to know that person as an individual and keep them in that specific group their personal attributes will not be recognized.
In an organization, decisions are made on both perception and what will benefit the organization. According to William McKnight, (Get to the Point, July 2006), “Business executives and knowledge workers need access to highly succinct information delivered at the time of decision-making, and that information must help solve business problems as well as take advantage of opportunities. Time is money; delays in assimilating information used in today’s real-time corporate environment are perilous” In the company that I work for most of the decisions of our controller are on perception and ability. Nevertheless, with this the evaluation of the person

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