Perception of Muslims Towards Media Landscape Essay

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The research is aimed at solving a problem in Media and how it reports. The Problem which this study wishes to study is how is the handling of the Media Landscape in the fields of Terrorism Crime and the Violence in Mindanao and how did it affect Muslim Communities attitudes and Behavior towards the institution of Media. The hypotheses is the there is a significant effect on the behavior of the community and their views on the institution of Media. To gather data and to analyze this problem the researchers used a descriptive status analysis which seeks to answer questions to real facts relating to existing conditions in group of cases that is chosen for study. The sample is determined using a simple random sampling
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The statistical treatment which will be used in this study is a mean median mode analysis, since the data is nominal in nature the statistical treatment will be only on the mean median and mode. The results revealed there is a significant resentment towards media and that resolution will only come if there is a change in the manner of reporting.

Table of Contents

Abstract 1

Table of Contents 2

List of Figures 4

Key Terms and Definitions 6

Key Terms and Definitions 6

Introduction 8

Chapter I 11

Background of the Study 11

Statement of the Problem: 15

Objectives of the study: 16

Significance of the Study: 17

Scope and Delimitations 18

Chapter II 20

Review of Related Literature: 20

Chapter III 30

Theoretical Framework 30

Conceptual Framework 33

Chapter IV 35

Methodology 35

Research Design 35

Determination of Sample Size 39

Sampling Design and Technique 40

Subjects 41

Research Instruments 42

Data Gathering Procedure 43

Data Processing Method 44

Statistical Treatment 45

Chapter V 46

Data Gathering Results Analysis and Interpretation 46

Analysis and Interpretation of Results 73

Summary Conclusion and Recommendation 80

Summary of Findings 80

Chapter VI 83

Conclusion 83

Recommendation 85

Bibliography 86


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