Essay on Perception : What You See

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Chapter 3 - Perception: What you see is what you get
In order to understand how each individual perceives the world, we need to have a better understanding of the other person 's point-of-view. This isn’t ever easy to fully grasp as how people see things aren’t usually what they seem. In chapter three of Looking out Looking in there are four key steps in the perception process, this is how we attach meaning to our experiences. It starts with selection, organization, interpretation and the last one is the negotiation. (Adler, Ronald B., and Russell F. Proctor. 2014 on p.78-79). It’s important to understand how being aware of our environmental stimuli and the exaggerated societal generalizations often persuade us in narrow minded biases. Analysing this chapter I was able to gain awareness on how to categories others in order to treat them as individuals instead of assuming that I already have all the relevant information.
Ultimately, everyone can benefit from putting themselves in the other person’s shoes, when trying to communicate with cognitive complex people. In order to fully understand the valuable insights of every person’s perception on a problem, there is a great skill builder named The Pillow Method. This Pillow Method was developed by a group of Japanese school children to build empathy. This process is a great skill builder to bring awareness that every problem has four sides and a middle. I had the opportunity to put this into practice with my husband…

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