Perception Of The Dilemma With Patients From Diverse Cultural Backgrounds

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Perception of the Dilemma
When communicating with patients from diverse cultural backgrounds, it is important to present information in a clear and respectful manner. In this example, it is a lack of communication that caused of the ethical dilemma. The ordering physician did not explain the procedure to the husband and the patient. If the physician had explained the injection process, it would have given the husband the opportunity to contact our unit and we could have developed a mutually acceptable plan of care that would respect their wishes and provide culturally congruent care.
Presentation of Both Sides of the Issue
In Arab culture, the roles of husband, wife and children are well-organized. From the husband’s standpoint, his duty in the family includes being the decision-maker, communicator, and protector. He values the belief that as the leader of the family, his job is to protect the family, to make sure his wife’s modesty is respected and to be present if she needs him (Mutair, Plummer, O’Brien, and Clerehan, 2014). From the hospital’s perspective, staff members must protect patients and families from unnecessary exposure to radiation. A male physician was scheduled to perform the injection on that day, and we could not accommodate the request for a female physician. We also didn’t have an all-female health care team assembled. If we could have spoken to the husband first, we could have performed a preliminary assessment and attempted to meet their…

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