Perception Of Safety In Transport In Australia

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1. Introduction
1.1 Aim:
The aim of this report is to investigate the perception of safety while using transport in Melbourne. This report has been written for the minister for Police and Emergency Services.
1.2 Background:
Transport is a vital part of our daily lives. People use all types of transport to move from place to place. The transport consists of extensive networks and a wide variety of transport services, which includes many options such as public transport, bicycles, cars, motorcycles, etc. Those are some popular and convenient ways to travel in Melbourne. The transport choices Melbournians make depends on many factors, such as where they live and work, and even how safe they feel when travelling.
However, ‘all transport activities
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People were asked a direct safety question “Do you feel safe when travelling by public transport?” in various contexts of public transport usage. The highest percentage was 73 percentage of passengers who felt safe when using public transport. The rest of respondents (27%) did not feel safe while boarding. Public transport in Melbourne including trains, buses and trams.
Public transportation in Melbourne is often seen as having the lowest threat and crime, it is normally safe and secure. Therefore, the majority of the respondents who were interviewed (73%) may think that it is safe on public transport. This is because trains, buses and trams generally have dedicated travel paths that are safer and faster than using private transport. Furthermore, travelling by public transport in Melbourne is usually very secure, because they have CCTV (closed-circuit television) cameras on most buses, trains, trams, and train stations. On the other hand, twenty seven percent of the respondents consider public transit is dangerous, and so are reluctant to use it. Various factors may contribute to this extreme fear such as social anxiety, pocket-picking, etc. Moreover, a minority of the respondents said that they do feel more frightened and apprehensive when taking public transport, especially at night. This could be because the passengers might
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Many people accept the higher risky by riding a motorcycle than other vehicles for some reasons. Thirty nine percent of men and thirty six percent of women like to ride motorcycle because they do not want to get stuck in a traffic jam. For the reason ‘less expensive than a car’ is selected by seventeen percent of males and twenty nine percent of females. The majority of males (44%) prefer to drive a motorcycle just for fun than females (35%).
The percentage of males (39%) and females (36%) chose the reason ‘do not want to get stuck a traffic jam’ because they do not expect to go to their destination late due to the traffic jam. A minority of men (17%) and women (29%) choose motorcycle as their vehicle. This could because they prefer to save their money and fuels even they know how risky it is when travelling on the road. The rest of the respondents (44% of males; 35% of females) decided to ride the motorcycle just for entertainment. Perhaps they just ride motorcycle as their second vehicles in their free time for relax and enjoyable.

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