Police Brutality And Unnecessary Use Of Force By Police

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Withrow (2005) states that recent surveys indicate that most people agree with police officials that brutality is not a widespread problem but is instead limited to a few “bad apples.” In some cases, there may be need to apply force and the policing agencies have strict rules pertaining to how force should be used and in what situations. The excessive and unnecessary use of force by police officers, including unjustified shootings, severe beatings, and rough treatment of citizens are still common in our society today because of the many barriers that make it possible for officers who commit such crimes to escape due punishment and often go back to repeat the offenses. Terris (1967) states that police brutality refers to excessive, unjustified, …show more content…
In some instances, one-person perception of police brutality could be completely different from another, especially if they are from two differing minority groups. For some, police are seen as courageous men and women who endanger their lives to ensure the community’s wellbeing. However, studies have noted that police use excessive force to the minority groups. For instance, Latinos and African –Americans have confidence that the police use this force on suspects, rather than the ideal victims of the offense. On the other hand, many people think that the excessive force is necessary to prevent additional crimes in the society. Therefore, it is important to analyze the disparate views on the two sides of this aspect. The study conducted by Terry (1967) suggests that many minority groups know a lot about police because both crime rates and the concentration of police officers are always in the minority’s communities, and the allegations of minority leaders have been discounted by the police and most white people. This study was undertaken to assess the prevalence and visibility of police misconduct. Some argue that if the issue of police misconduct is based on racial grounds, the police should be held accountable …show more content…
When the public is satisfied and has confidence in the police, they are more likely to contribute information that may assist the police in solving crimes. When community residents trust the police, they are more willing to work collaboratively with the police to make improvements to neighborhoods. Therefore, there are very real and practical concerns that should serve to encourage police departments to work on improving the relationships they have with local communities.
On the other hand, it is difficult to fully appreciate the challenges facing police–community relations without first understanding how the relationship between police and communities has evolved over time. At the same time, in many respects the relationship between police and communities is central to the history of policing. For this reason, some police, scholars, and the public have different beliefs and opinions about the ways in which racial police profiling

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