Perception In Critical Thinking

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Critical thinking and assumptions are a big role in making decisions in our life. Being able to analyze information and actions is a great way to decide the pros and cons of a decisions and act upon the better options, but also our experiences and emotions also effect how we feel about making new decisions. If one is to critical in making decisions, there is a lack of emotions and motive in why he or she is making the decisions. Also, putting too much emotion and making assumptions of what will happen due to bad experience or good experiences can be a danger as well. In order to make the best decisions one must balance being able to think critically but also be able assume off experience or emotions. The art of Critical thinking is a very …show more content…
We can sometimes assume how things will end out due to the experience we have had, but sometimes when we assume to much we can be judgmental of the situation. It is not bad to be passionate about something and have things that sparks your emotions, but one should not only make decisions off of their emotions and experience. When basing the outcome of a situations by assuming what will happen, you are giving yourself tunnel vision, seeing only one outcome of the situation because of the experience you have had. Having tunnel vision limits your perspective on different view, instead of seeing the bigger picture you are only seeing one side of the picture as the outcome. You start to judge others that view you opinion differently because of their experience, and think the outcome can not be change or be transformed into something better because your personal outcome from the past. That is why it is important to keep the balance of critical thinking in the mix of your assumptions and emotions. Being able to thinking critically as well use your experience in life allows you to make good decisions as well as find out what the best out of come can be through what your are able to do. It also as well allows you to take in the views of other people and view the problem in a new light and

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