Perception And Reality Through Increased Self Awareness Essay

1240 Words Jun 15th, 2015 null Page
At some point in most of our lives we become aware of the difference in perception and reality through increased self-awareness, an event that causes us to change how we view everything, a friend who is a little too honest, or a change in generational social awareness (ie// the equality movement of the mid-20th century). I had always viewed the world through the lens of right and wrong and that each person is given the choice to live their lives in a moral manner that contributes to society or as an immoral leach. One large champion of a similar concept was the German philosopher Immanuel Kant, who claimed that morality was the result of our freedom to make choices for ourselves that define and shape us (Velasquez, 2014, 7-4c). It is in this context that the results of OkCupid’s brief 6 Moral Stages test are particularly spot on indicating that I fall largely within the fourth moral stage “law and order” (2015). Though the results of the test don’t fall within the “this is totally my personality and perspective” lens it seems to quickly lay out my perspective and stance on morality. If we are to thrive as a society people at every level must be conscientious and aware of those outside of themselves and willing to make decisions that not only benefit yourself, but provide a positive contribution to all around. Though a deeply religious man, Kant represents one of the most important breaks from religious doctrine and thinking concerning moral development and ethics. In an era…

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