Perception and Attention Essay

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Perception and Attention Perception is a remarkable trait. Consider human vision, a two-dimensional array of light appears on the retina, which houses the visual receptors. Instead of seeing a random collection of color dots, people immediately experience a rich, coherent, veridical, three-dimensional perception of an object, person, or event Perhaps the most astounding fact is that this occurs immediately, mostly outside of conscious awareness (Robinson-Riegler& Robinson-Riegler, 2008). Perception and attention are two independent mechanisms relevant to one another. Attention is the state of focused awareness on a division of available perceptual information. This paper will explain the concept of perception, break down the perceptual …show more content…
A person cannot participate in a conversation with a person in a car or on a cell phone while driving and have undivided attention on the road. This type of multi-tasking is done by people all the time. Attention is cognitive process of selectively concentration and limited capacity dedicated to watching inner and outer events. Some processes that permits people to operate these potent cognitive performances on data that the conscious hold in the working memory (Robinson-Riegler, p. 120, 2008). Robinson-Riegler, (2008) suggest that attention has restrictions, and that an individual cannot possibly process everything that is seen or heard. People have times when remembering everything of an incident that other states or a person hear or seen. If people are not focusing on what others or self is doing, looking at the surrounding and not focusing attention to what other or self done, then the results will probably not be good. Attention considered flexible in ways that people can change from the initial methods of attention (processing the physical qualities of new stimuli) (Robinson-Riegler, p. 6, 2008). Every person has a managing system of how he or she will process incoming data in ways that he or she can decide what information to process. Divide attention and selective attention are two types of attention. In divided attention Robinson-Riegler, (2008) explain as jobs that include the processing of numerous inputs, where selective attention consist

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