Per The Disability Determination (ADHD)

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The claimant was an 18-year-old man.
Alleged disability: autism, learning disability, behavioral problems, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

His mother reported that he needed reminders to take a bath and to take his psychotropic medications. He had difficulty with memory, concentration, completing tasks, understanding and following instructions, and getting along with others because “some people don’t understand his condition.” He had difficulty handling stress and changes in routine. He was aggressive at times and was hospitalized twice in a psychiatric facility. He spent 5-8 hours a day watching television, playing games, collecting “rare cheap items,” and watching movies.
Education: 9th grade –homeschooling program.

Decision under Review:
Per the Disability Determination (09/20/2016), the claimant’s disability began on
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His ability to understand new information was impaired. He had moderate/significant impairments in his ability to perform complex multi-step tasks, to sustain effort, persistence and pace during a routine 40-hour workweek. His ability to tolerate the stress and pressure related to the ordinary work activities and demands was also impaired. He would have difficulty tolerating changes in routine and dealing with others socially. The diagnoses listed were borderline intellectual functioning, unspecified anxiety disorder, and autistic spectrum disorder.

The claimant had a mental impairment that interfered with his ability to learn and process new information. He also had a serious behavioral problem that affected his ability to tolerate stress and changes in routine, to interact socially, and to adapt to the demands of a work environment. Because of his uncontrolled behavior, he could endanger his coworkers, the public, or other people in a work place.

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