Pepsi vs Coke Brand Positioning Essay

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Week 5: Branding and Positioning
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1. Interbrand Names 100 Best Global Brands
2. What P&G Taught Me About Brands 3. The Power of Brand Equity Questions:

Write what you believe are the current global brand positionings for Coke and Pepsi (the brands, not the companies)?

Few other companies in the world have been able to construct and manage their brands as well as these companies. Much of the
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They are similar in that both brands consider themselves to be bold and refreshing.

c. Whether any of these points of difference are competitive advantages – Coke’s positioning, with its strong association to feelings of joy and happiness, I believe gives it a competitive advantage in that these feelings and positive connections with happiness give it timeless appeal, whereas Pepsi seems to be more in-the-moment and almost “timely” by comparison. Coke, I feel, represents a state of permanent happiness whereas Pepsi is all about excitement, which we all know, is an emotion that is often fleeting. This position of happiness/longevity, I believe, is more attractive to consumers.

d. Line extension strategy
Having a strong brand that consumers are loyal to allows an organization to extend its line of products and bring to market new products more easily. If Coke’s brand is stronger and better positioned (which I believe it is), then by extension, it will be of greater value since the introduction of new products can more easily be made, and therefore, new revenue streams open up for the company. There are, of course, risks associated with line extension,

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