Pepsi Vs. Coca Cola Essay

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Pepsi vs. Coke Pepsi and Coca-Cola are one of the top major beverage companies that have been constantly competing with each other. The two drinks are very similar and every die hard Pepsi or Coke fan will say that that is a lie. Each one wants to be the best but the only way to promote their drinks is by advertising whether on TV, magazines, and even radio. Both companies have a difference in advertising and drawing in more customers. In the Pepsi advertisement two things stand out, first the blue, white and red lips, and second, who those lips belong to, which is Beyonce. The entire picture is black and white except for the Pepsi colors. The colors are in the middle outlining her lips which seem to be puckered up to try to resemble a circle or even making it seem that she loves Pepsi and is giving a kiss. It is bright and it catches the audience very quickly. Now Beyonce is a well known singer in a America and all over the world and has become very famous throughout the years by her performances. Pepsis affiliation with her helps target her audience, “if Beyonce drinks Pepsi then I should too”. This celebrity endorsement allows Pepsi to expand to other age groups as well as other races throughout the world. Another specific audience that is being targeted is those that watch football. On Beyonce’s cheeks are “FEB 3” and “2013” which stands for the day of her half time show during the super bowl. The super bowl is a very well known day for America because many people…

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