Pepsi Refresh Project Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… This campaign was launched towards the baby boomers who were no longer buying soda and to attract Millennials to the brand. The climate of the country was for change and PepsiCo capitalized on this sentiment.

Pepsi wanted to take a different approach to advertising and generating support for its brand by introducing the Pepsi Refresh Project. The project was a way to bring a positive impact to communities. Research showed that the brand’s social capital was important to consumers. This is important to Millennials who consider a company’s social and environmental impact

when shopping and would prefer to shop with a brand associated with a good cause. The Pepsi Refresh Project awarded funds to ideas that made it to their website that generated the most votes. The $20 million for this project was given as grants to the winners in six different categories that were listed on the website,

Pepsi partnered with GOOD, a company that supports other companies in getting projects from ideas to successfully being executed. They played a main role in making sure the community projects were in-line with the intended project
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Discontinue the Pepsi Refresh Project
I believe that Pepsi has taken big steps in becoming a consumer conscious company in the minds of its future and present consumers. Though this was a great intention from PepsiCo, the main intent was to increase sales. The project took all of the advertising budget to try and do that but did not translate into increased sales so

I would not recommend that more money used to continue this project. Pepsi need to regain the sales that it has lost to Coca-Cola and it needs to increase its market share in general and cannot do that without its full advertising budget. Coca-Cola barely did that with its full budget in 2010. Pepsi can put its full budget into different and new advertising opportunities available to it and compete at the level it was competing at before.

Outline and Implementation: ( how much do you have to leverage? will there be market alienation?)

Pepsi can use its new image as an advantage to continue to be the consumer oriented brand. It has had success by using celebrities and sport stars to promote the brand and can continue to do so by combining the message of consciousness and refreshment. It should continue to involve all of its partners and employees to promote this

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