Essay about Pepsi Of Coca Cola Commercial

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Sleepwalker-Coca Cola Commercial If you are a person who watches television, you most likely have seen a Coca Cola commercial. Throughout the years Coca Cola has produced many commercials to sell their product. This Coca Cola commercial called Sleepwalker, was first aired during the 2010 Super Bowl. It is a commercial about a man sleeping in the wilderness. In the middle of the night he sleepwalks to find a coke. In the beginning of this commercial there is a man sleeping in a tent just in his boxers and shirt. This is showing that he is just like the average guy, he doesn’t sleep in fancy clothes. He is also sleeping in the wilderness, you can see the moon outside of the tent. When he sits up you can see that he is sweating. From that, you can tell that he needs something to drink because he is thirsty. From there he gets up and starts walking out of the tent. As he walks out he stumbles, showing that he is sleepwalking. He starts walking through the wilderness and he first sees a cheetah. He waves at this cheetah and the cheetah just stays sitting there on a tree branch. The cheetah doesn’t see him as a predator and doesn’t chase him or run after him. After seeing the cheetah, he runs into the leg of an elephant. It doesn’t seem to bother the elephant. Then, it shows a herd of elephants running past him, just like he is meant to be there. This shows that he has a way with animals and if you drank Coca Cola you could also. As he is walking he walks across a big canyon,…

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