Pepsi Marketing Case Study Chapter 14 Essay

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1. Consider PepsiCo’s advertising throughout its history. Identify as many commonalities as possible across its various ad campaigns. How is this campaign consistent with PepsiCo’s brand image?
Through all the year they are having slogans about new generation and changing the world. New generation is young generation and Pepsi is for young people or for those who are thinking young. New generation is a choice. I can see expression new generation mentioned a lot of times
(1964–1967: "Come Alive, You're in the Pepsi Generation",
1984–1991: "Pepsi. The Choice of a New Generation",
1984–1988: "Diet Pepsi. The Choice of a New Generation",
1988–1989: "Diet Pepsi. The Taste That's Generations Ahead",
1997–1998: "Generation Next" (with
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Pepsi makes sure that the advertisements reflect to the target audience’s interests and nostalgia. The advertising is mostly creative and has different elements like music (Michael Jackson) and sports (football).
The Pepsi Refresh campaign audience is consistent with PepsiCo audience. They are also younger people. It seems that Pepsi believes it’s better to invest $20 million in a yearlong campaign on social media rather than sink $33 or so in a Superbowl ad. This is certainly a step taken with the belief that mass marketing adverts and entertaining ads that create a buzz around the brand no longer give you the best bang for your buck. Part of the reason might be that people are so used to ignoring adverts that it’s really hard to get their attention and make them listen to what you have to say. On social media it’s their personal interest and their own initiative that leads them to seek out the marketing campaign and partake in it. This means that now social media will be competing with TV advertising.

4. As completely as possible, analyze the campaign according to the steps listed in the chapter for developing effective marketing communication.
-Identify the audience: Pepsi generation, young generation
-Determine the Communication Objectives:
-Designing a Message: the message centers on a theme of social responsibility
-choosing media: the message is being

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