Pepsi Distribution Channel Analysis

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Coca-Cola has a very large product category including e.g. different type of cola drinks, energy drinks, juices and so on. This also applies to Pepsi, which operates additionally in the food business. King of the cola drinks is definitely the Coca-Cola Classic, which is the most sold soft drink in the world. It has become with a lot different flavors as well like lemon, cherry and vanilla. Another significant cola products of this leading company are Coca-Cola Light and Coca-Cola Zero. Archenemy’s most famous product is the regular Pepsi that is number two in the soda markets. Pepsi has developed a lot of variations from its primary cola too and the company has a strong positioning on diet cola markets as well.

Both Coca-Cola and Pepsi are facing competition on cola markets, but mostly from each other. These two leaders are dominating the market and the existing situation is called oligopoly. This
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The major challenge in distribution is the cost of bottling as well as the cost of transportation.
Bottling of Pepsi is done at bottling plants. In India, Pepsi has 36 bottling plants out of which 13 are franchisees whereas 23 are company owned. The soft drink once packed is moved to the company warehouse from where it goes to distributors and bulk buyers.
Several of pepsi’s soft drink distributors themselves might act as distributors of Kurkure, Lays and other snacks products as the distribution is through the same channel. The products are also sold from the same convenience store. Thus, it makes sense if the distributor of the soft drink is given the authority to distribute snacks as well. However, in some cases, the distributor of soft drink might be separate from that of

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