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PepsiCo, Inc.

I chose Pepsi because I decided it would be interesting to see how the company started out and what kinds of marketing strategies they used that makes them into the huge success story they are today. Here’s what I’ve discovered and it is quite an impressive story: In 1898, in North Carolina, a pharmacist named Caleb Bradham began experimenting with juices and spices and syrups looking for something to quench the thirst of his customers on some of the hot humid days. Low and behold before it was all said and done, he had invented the drink we know today as Pepsi-cola. It wasn’t until 1903 that Pepsi was patented and Bradhams first ever advertizing sell went along with his pharmacist concoction,
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You’re the Pepsi Generation” makes advertizing history. This will be the first time a product is identified by its consumer’s lifestyles and attitudes instead of its attributes.
In 1964, Diet Pepsi was introduced and by 1966 it had its own campaign, “Girl Watchers” that focused on the cosmetic benefits of the low-calorie cola. The music to this new item became a tip 40 hit.
When research indicated that consumers place very high regard on Pepsi’s superior taste when chilled, “Taste that beats the others cold. Pepsi powers on” emphasized Pepsi’s product superiority.
When in 1973 our nation was involved in massive social and political change, Pepsi came up with “Join the Pepsi People, Feelin’Free: campaign. One People, many personalities.
After Patriotism was sectored in the U.S. with the celebration of the bicentennial, American people looked to the future with optimism. “Catch the Pepsi Spirit” is the mood the Pepsi Generation took forward with it in the 80’s. The soft drink war had grown more competitive but for Pepsi it had already been won. : Pepsi Now!” explained it all.
Partway through the 1970’s Pepsi came up with a marketing strategy that would become an international landmark in advertizing – The Pepsi Challenge. Consumer test after consumer test confirmed that more people preferred Pepsi over Coca-cola. That reality was made into advertising and made marketing history as well as gained market share for Pepsi. Pepsi also became the

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